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                  This is a sermon site of Dr. Harold L. White

These are exciting days to study the book of Genesis.

A great deal has been written on this book in the last few years and there has been much
new research in the area of science and the Bible.
It’s always a good thing to focus on issues that really matter.
Sometimes in the church we spend too much time nibbling around the edges
when we ought to be tackling the core issues of life.
It’s hard to imagine anything more fundamental to our faith than the opening chapters
of the Bible.

Here we find the answer to some very profound questions:
Where did we come from?
How did we get here?
Were we created or did we arrive on the scene as the random product of mindless evolution?
And if we were created, who created us and how did it happen?
Where did it happen?
When did it happen?

Genesis is the book of beginnings.
The word means "origins" or "beginnings."
It sets the stage for the rest of the Bible, telling us God's plan for his creation.
Genesis reveals the nature of God as Creator and Redeemer; the value of a human life
 - created in God's image and for his purpose; the terrible consequences
of disobedience and sin - separating man from God; and the wonderful promise of salvation
and forgiveness through the coming Messiah.

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Say what you will about Genesis 1-11, but sooner or later you have to deal with it.
This is where the Bible begins so we can’t escape it or ignore it or pretend it isn’t there.
By God’s grace, we will “start at the very beginning” and see what God has in store for us.
I think we’re going to have a wonderful time as we journey through
these first eleven chapters of the Bible

Books I have studied in preparation for the study of Genesis chapter 1 through 11:

The Genesis Record by Henry M. Morris was first printed in June 1976.

As far as I know this is the only commentary on the complete Book of Genesis written
by a creationist scientist.
It takes such a scientist as well as a writer with Biblical and theological expertise to understand
and expound the book of Genesis in its depth.
Every Christian would appreciate having and studying this invaluable book.

Dr. Morris has the Christian conviction that the first 11 chapters of Genesis are as truly historical
as the remaining 39.
His conclusion is not based simply on faith, but on many years of study of the scientific aspects
of the Genesis records and of the interchange of ideals with many scientists,
both creationists and evolutionists.

He and many of his colleagues are convinced that the earth and universe are young,
rather than billions of years old, and he advocates a tight chronology in expounding Genesis.

In dealing with the account of the worldwide Noahic Flood, Morris draws on his studies
in hydrology and geology, in addition to his years of teaching hydraulic engineering.
The fact that Dr. Morris has not received formal theological training does not hinder him
from handling the Biblical and the theological implications effectively.
When you read his book, you will see evidence of his wide reading and Bible study in depth.
He has taught adult and college Bible classes regularly for over 30 years.

A thorough understanding of the Book of Genesis is necessary if a person is to understand
the rest of sacred Scripture.
Dr. Morris is a very capable guide through these important chapters of earth's history.

(The above comments were based on a forward of the Genesis Record by Arnold D.Ehlert)

I have relied heavily on this great commentary on Genesis for most of my study.
I have spent almost a year preparing this series on Genesis.

Some other books I have studied are:

The Book of Genesis by B. H. Carroll.
This is an excellent commentary by a Southern Baptist preacher and teacher.

Genesis by Joseph Parker from Moody press, 1951.

Gleanings in Genesis by Arthur W. Pink from Moody press, 1922

Genesis: A Devotional Commentary by W. H. Griffin Thomas published in 1946

And I have studied many others from 1960 to 2012

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